Warranties and Returns

Dreamer ... guarantees that our glasses are sent to the buyer without any defect. Our glasses have a six month guarantee.

Dreamer ... will be responsible for the guarantees in the case of a manufacturing defect other than the buyer.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, Dreamer ... will proceed to return the product.

The guarantee will be void in the case of a manufacturing defect, such as lens ruptures due to misuse, rupture of the frame caused by excessive stress, scratches caused by misuse of both the lens and the frame, Product to extreme conditions of heat or cold, etc.

At the time of proceeding with the guarantee, the client must communicate it through our email, giving a brief description of the reason for the claim and attaching images in which the defect of the spectacle is observed.

When Dreamer ... receives such mail, it will proceed to analyze the cause for which the warranty of the product is demanded.

In a brief period of time the customer will receive an email with the resolution of said guarantee.

In the event that the guarantee is accepted, the product will be returned and replaced.

The product will replace by another equal. In case of not having the same product in stock or out of catalog for renewal, the customer may choose another model of equal or lower price to the model purchased.

The customer must indicate by e-mail the address where the product is to be collected. Dreamer ... will indicate the day of collection to that address.

The courier costs incurred when a guarantee is accepted will be borne by Dreamer ..., this includes return of the defective product and delivery of the replacement product.


In case of not being satisfied with the product, our glasses have a return period of 15 days from the day the customer receives them. In case of not being satisfied with the product will be returned the amount of the model or the replacement of another model of lower or equal amount. The transportation costs derived from such return will be borne by the buyer.

In order to proceed to the refund for nonconformity, the customer must indicate in an email the reason for the return of the product.

Once received the mail, Dreamer ... will contact the client to proceed to the details and procedure of the return.

Dreamer Team ...